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Did you ever see the poster in junior high about kids having sex and if you have sex with one person it means you had sex with all that persons’ partners. Meaning after your first time you could potentially have sex with 100s from the multiply effect.

i have sex with you
you have sex with him
he has sex with her
and she had sex and her person had sex and so forth

so in the end you are a slut with STDs. what the fuck are you talking about noah? well that is a virus, and if you throw in marketing you get viral marketing. where one person spreads the idea and that person spreads it and so forth until many people know about it. i was thinking of this with this little restaurant i went to called hoagies in santa clara, a very nice sandwich shop that is in a little obscure building complex. i was wondering how to harness viral marketing offline.

i was taken there by my friend michael A
I took Johnny and Adam, Kahn and jennifer to the place
Adam wanted to coordinate a luncheon and invited 10 company people there to eat
Jennifer as well invited her 3 friends to go eat there.

wow so because of michael around 20 people and over $300 in current business and $x amount of future business were created. YOU DA Man michael, so why were you thinking about this. well i was thinking how can that business reward michael for being a pimp an bringing in so much stuff. here are some from the hip guesses:

1- give a “bring a friend card”, where if you bring a friend you get something instead of for every time you buy it is when your friend buys. could work better for lunch time, fast food places instead of family restaurants.

2- make sure you have great quality food so you don’t need to do anything as people will naturally tell others that your place was great

3- how can you get people to think of your restaurant place when asked “what is a good XXX restaurant”? hmmm not sure… give referral credit? so much easier online.

underlying principle:
the quality of the food alone can make good marketing of a restaurant. gimmicks and experience can also help but that works well when the food sucks.

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