How to Make Employees Happy and Love Your Company

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Why are people so passionate about work they do not own? I was at my company and wondered regardless of stock price why people care so much if we ship one extra product or make the additional Million dollars in revenue. I know it relates to performance reviews and job growth but how do you foster ownership in people. Foster the ability to love the company they work at, to feel like real owners, to make decisions at all times (inside and outside the company) that are positive to their company.

Comes through:

1- Profit sharing a fair amount per employee and their relevance to the company. It can motivate workers and make them happier employees. Evaluate employees for their significance not just revenue based but on purpose and execution to the company. Reward them proportionately for that with profits, so if the company does well everyone does well.

2- Stocks are good but not great reflection of company success. As
easy as it is to say if the company does well then stock does well then
employees do well. How many times have you seen companies come out with
stellar earnings or sales over a quarter and the stock tanks? Hey!
Congratulations on doing so well this quarter you are now worth $50,000
LESS. Don’t get me wrong this is not true all of the time but seems
fairly common in our society. Read about why I quit Mint even though I owned 1% of the company and could have made $1,700,000.

3- Real work and real meaning. Allow people to make decisions and
empower them with control. Allow bottom line workers feedback on
company direction and recognize them if those actions occur.

You should read about Robert Frankel, who is a great example of a leader that makes it easy to love working. These are just my thoughts on motivating workers and attaching their needs and importance to the company on a much higher level.

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