$20 is the new dollar bill

August 3, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

When I was in 5th grade I loved the summers. I remember with a
friend named Derrick Garcia we would scavenger hunt for quarters,
pennies, nickels, lint or whatever we could get our hands on.
Evaluating our collection of change we came to $1.09, just enough for
the Jolt Cola in the glass bottle we wanted badly. After purchasing we
felt like gods and looked at that buck as so much money. Then once and
awhile my parents gave me $20, which I thought was like a million
dollars. One dollar could buy the soda but $20 I could buy a car in my
eyes and have change left over.

So where does that bring me today at 23? $20 is my new dollar bill.
I spend that like nothing and it doesn’t seem like a lot of money.
Movie and some food, $20. Half a tank of gas for my car, $20. A cool
t-shirt with tax, $20 (no i would not buy it but that is about the
price from Bitter Shirts).

It is just crazy how the value of money is all relative to me. Now
$100,000 seems like a lot of money and $20 is just decimal points and
insignificant. No, I am not some greedy snob its just the relative
value of it seems smaller than before.

On a funny side note it is awesome to see my 10 year old cousin
value the dollar so much. I had some internet work to do and I
delegated it to him for a quarter/page. He was so excited and
appreciative for the money but in a few years I am sure he will be
asking for money. And yes, I tipped him $0.50:)

Do you appreciate the dollar?

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1 reply to “$20 is the new dollar bill

  1. Adonis Reply

    Hahaha, that’s a hillarious story, because I think a lot of us went through similar.. It’s very important to teach kids the value of money, so they don’t become “lost/blind consumers” when they grow up..