Airline Beverage Marketing Idea

July 29, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

So I flew to Folsom for training and I had this crazy thought about
what Pepsi or Coca-Cola should do with a new beverage coming out, say Coke Zero
if you haven’t heard of it. This soda is the same taste and no calorie
beverage Coke you love. (Side note: what happened to C2, that was damn
good stuff)

Coke Zero

Anyways Coke should totally sponsor a few rides on an airplane. So
the stewartist will say blah if we die and instructions and enjoy coke
zero complimentary beverage. Cause in stores people are debating
whether to cough up that $1 for a new soda but if I can try it for free
I would definitely do it on the airplane. Plus lots of people fly so
that is a ton of people who can test market your product. So hey COKE,
sponsor SouthWest’s flights with some Great tasting no calorie Coke Zero

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1 reply to “Airline Beverage Marketing Idea

  1. Victoria Reply

    You’re basically a goldmine of brilliant ideas. I look forward to seeing how some of this stuff evolves, whether you or anyone else decides to pursue them.